I often talk about how much I value social media platforms like Youtube or Facebook because they allow us to publish a record of where we were at that time in our lives.

You can always go back and find an amazing memory, a kind moment, a feeling. It's like an online gratitude journal. 

Memories show us how far we've come. 

The other thing I love about social media memories is we can look back at where we were and see how far we've come. 

I was never a piano player but decided to pick it up late in life.

I came across this memory from 4 years ago (learning the song Zombie by the cranberries) and it made me happy.

Not only does music have the gift of instantly being able to transport you back to a moment, but I am reminded of just how far I have come in my journey learning piano. 

Back then I remember being frustrated that I was not "good enough" "fast enough". I just wanted to be able to play! 

If I am to compare my playing now to then it is significantly different (I've gotten much better because I kept playing and did not give up).

But I do remember wanting to sometimes (because learning a new instrument is hard). 

This post is a reminder to myself (in all the things I'm struggling to learn now) that if I keep at it, and put in the effort I WILL get better. 

And you can too. So if you love the vision of yourself being amazing at something.... 

You'll get there

So keep it up! 

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