As I head home from a fantastic visit here in Bali Indonesia I am filled with gratitude.

The country is so beautiful and its people are simply the kindest most attentive culture I have encountered.

I was fortunate to have my wife Carly Carey join me on this adventure and we have seen so many epic places. Pristine beaches, a monkey forest and a Hindu statue that seemed to touch the sky. 

This great adventure was made possible by an invitation for me to speak here in Nusa Dua by Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World (LeadingRE). My topic: Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence and search engine marketing for real estate. One of my favorite subjects. 

LeadingRE Global Events: (A must-attend)

If you have not attended a LeadingRe Global event you are missing out on one of the most amazing networking opportunities in the industry. 

Every event I have been to so far I have left feeling the same way. "That was the best global networking I've experienced anywhere". 

The people are so friendly and engaging, and they are clearly here to make connections to further their business. Far more than other global events for brands that I attend which seem to be more about having an excuse to have a "good time" and write off a trip.

I think it might be because LeadingRE is a referral network and so connecting in meaningful ways is in their DNA. 

It's also a credit to my friend Chris Dietz, LeadingRE's president of global operations, and his all-star team. 

What you can expect to learn at APAC (and other Leading RE Events)

  • Networking, Networking, Networking! I can't stress this enough. People are here to learn about your market and to truly do business with you. That means sending you referrals! 
  • Global market education: This is one of the main highlights for me. There is a tonne of content on the various markets. How they are performing, when to invest there, challenges and most importantly you get the inside track on investment opportunities and how to leverage them. (I'll be buying in Cyprus now....) 
  • Coaching: There is great content on sales and marketing. Specifically focused on working with a global audience. This is critical in my mind as anyone with experience will tell you, cross-border real estate transactions are a different breed and handling them well from contact to close is critical. 
  • Friendship: I have made so many great friends through LeadingRE (and I make new ones every time I attend). 
  • Epic locations: Bali? Ummmm yes, please! I've also been with them to Amsterdam, Lisbon, and several other epic locations. Next we're headed to Dubai! 
  • A lot of fun! We take ourselves seriously during the day. Yes. But make no mistake... once the learning is over for the day, we go out and HAVE FUN! We played beach volleyball, soccer, went for beach walks and went dancing. 

The bottom line. You need to come! (It's so worth it!)

Like many of you, I travel a lot and need to prioritize which conferences I go to.
- How many people will attend?
- What will the ROI be?
- How long are the flights?
- What is the monetary cost?

And there are certainly far less expensive conferences to attend that are much closer. 


This conference is worth 10 or more lesser conferences in terms of value. Not just for monetary value (but you WILL get referrals if you engage), but also for how the content will expand your mind (and skills), what the connecting does for your heart, and what the traveling does for your soul. 

And if you're fortunate enough to have a spouse you love (as I do), it's an amazing way to share the real estate portion of your life with them and they will truly enjoy it as well. 

I hope to see you in Dubai! 

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