If fear and loathing met castaway they would have nothing on my adventures. Except that's not true at all! Learn the truth and stalk the heck out of me as I travel around the world.... probably missing ALL the cool stuff! 

Traveling the world is a passion of mine and I am fortunate to be able to visit many countries through my work in international real estate, as a speaker, consultant, and technologist. 

In this section of my blog, I share both work-related and personal travel stories, photos, and videos. 

As I head home from a fantastic visit here in Bali Indonesia I am filled with gratitude.

The country is so beautiful and its people are simply the kindest most attentive culture I have encountered.

I was fortunate to have my wife Carly Carey join me on this adventure and we have seen so many epic places. Pristine beaches, a monkey forest and a Hindu statue that seemed to touch the sky. 

This great adventure was made possible by an invitation for me to speak here in Nusa Dua by Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World (LeadingRE). My topic: Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence and search engine marketing for real estate. One of my favorite subjects. 

LeadingRE Global Events: (A must-attend)

If you have not attended a LeadingRe Global…

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As I prepare to leave my hotel room here in Barcelona Spain after speaking at the luxury real estate symposium (which was AWESOME!) my thoughts turn to my next event.

Inman New York 2023

It's a bit of a grind to there this time (no idea why I did it this way, I guess I'm just a travel masochist) 

My route to New York is: 

From Barcelona to Frankfurt > Frankfurt to Vancouver > Vancouver to Nanaimo

I land in Nanaimo around 3 PM, and I fly out at 6 AM the next day (15 hours to change suitcases, kiss my wife, snuggle my dogs, give my daughter the Manga I bought her in Spain) and... hopefully sleep a few hours before I have to leave again. 

Inman New York, will it ever be the same again?

That is the question I'm asking myself.

Inman used to…

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What a way to start the year! Barcelona, Spain! 

BLogs Blogs Blogs

Tomorrow I take the stage to deliver a talk to the Luxury Real Estate global group of partners on real estate SEO. 

But before that, I get to explore one of my favorite cities in the whole world. Barcelona! 

Why is Barcelona so special to me? 

When my son turned 18 I told him... 
"Pick anywhere in the world that you can have a legal beer" (it was still 19 in BC where we live, so we needed to hit the road) 

The trip he chose ended up being (and still is to this day) the best trip of my life. 

We went to Paris, France. We went to Rome, Italy. 

But we STARTED in Barcelona! 

What a trip we had.....
We ate amazing meals.
We danced. We sang. 
We got lost at 4AM 

It was…

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