This is my most recent itinerary: 
I've been invited to speak at the Luxury Real Estate Conference in Cannes France. 

The conference is on Wednesday, with an evening cocktail on Tuesday.

Living on Vancouver Island, and having to contend with the horrendous service of Air Canada, I decided it was safer to go over to Vancouver (YVR)the day before. I should not have to do this (in an ideal world I would just fly from Nanaimo at 6:30 AM the day of but Air Canada from Nanaimo is just so unreliable I can't risk it. So I'm forced to go an entire day before and pay an extra $500 for a hotel room in the airport. 

The weather is not great, so I am taking an early harbor air flight. My flight leaves at 11:30 AM PST On "Sunday".

For the rest of my itinerary, I…

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